The transition to centralized management of the Rixp Group Inc. is still progressing, we apologize to our customers for some misunderstandings. Invoicing is always made payable to their own organizations at present in order to respect the contracts or their respective permits. Some department bearings are officially merged group. We are confident that we will have completed the merger at least by March 2021. We will contact you by official email when the time comes.

Welcome, we would like to present a short description of our beautiful big family.

Rixp Group Inc., A Quebec organization, operating across the province of Quebec, with its headquarters in the Montréal region. We specialize in the field of events as well as in emergency measures. We offer you a wide range of technical services for the smooth running of an event or your activities. Whether they are at the levels: medical, private security, emergency measures, you will find everything there for you and your organization.

Mobilizing various subsidiaries and organizations such as Rixp Intervention, Urgences-Médic, SAMU 911. We have surrounded ourselves with experienced coordinators and consultants in this way we can give you the best of ourselves and better expertise.

Adopting Rixp now means having in hand:
  • A medical manager with 30 years of experience in the event medical field;
  • A consultant and a private security officer with more than 15 years of experience in the field;
  • A dynamic team ready for any situation;
  • The most recent protocols;
  • Latest generation transmission radio;
  • The possibility of intervening all season.

As many of our customers tell us: to try us is to adopt us!

Service provider to municipalities:

Years at your service.
Interventions of all kinds.
Attendance at events.
Regions covered by our teams.

Our latest publications:

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